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Syndicate ROM for Epic 4G Review!

Here’s a quick and dirty review of the Syndicate ROM for the Epic 4G. It’s a really the best ROM you can get for your Epic 4G right now that’s based on Samsung’s EC05 stock ROM, which has a bunch of upgrades.

If you don’t like Samsung/Sprint bloatware and your battery dies fast on your stock ROM, you might want to check out this ROM as it’s super-fast, no-lag whatsoever, runs on EXT4 filesystem (meaning less lag), and everything including 4G, camera, and wifi works out of the box.

To install, follow

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How to Install Syndicate ROM on your Epic 4G!


For those of you who are tired of the Samsung Epic 4G stock ROM or you hate the Samsung/Sprint bloatware, you probably want to upgrade your phone to the Syndicate ROM. This ROM is highly recommended as you get rid all that bloatware and save a ton more battery life.

It’s a bit complicated so I urge you to follow directions carefully.

Here’s how to install the Syndicate ROM on your Epic 4G:

First, you will need to copy over the following Syndicate ROM file to the SD card of your Epic 4G (or

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