How to Upgrade to EC05 Stock ROM!

Here’s how to upgrade to the latest EC05 stock ROM. You might need this for installing the latest Syndicate ROM.

Just go to Settings->About Phone->System Update->Update Android and update to the latest stock ROM. If you are already updated, you should be fine on an EC05 already.

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One Response to How to Upgrade to EC05 Stock ROM!

  1. TJ says:

    Ok I need some help. I followed all the instructions to he best of my ability and was able to get the phone successfully rooted. I went to install the new rom and from what the phone is telling me it installed successfully but when it goes to boot back up it doesn’t get past the (SAMSUNG www, screen. It’s like there is no rom at all. I know I made one huge mistake and that was not backing up the original system. So there is nothing to fall back on. I can’t get the new rom to work. HELP PLEASE???!!!???!!!???

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