How to Unroot Samsung Epic 4G!

For those of you who might be returning your Epic 4G back to Sprint for warranty (perhaps you broke the screen) or maybe you’ve bricked your phone while trying to load a new ROM (which happened to me couple times), you can easily unroot your Samsung Epic 4G to completely stock state by using Samsung’s own tool for unrooting.  This will install Samsung Epic 4G’s stock EB14 Froyo 2.1 ROM.

Once you’ve installed this ROM, you can easily upgrade to the latest, stock ROM (EC05 as of today) by going to Settings->About Phone->Update Android.

Another reason why you might want to unroot your phone is to install an aftermarket ROM like Syndicate.  It’s much easier to unroot your phone back to stock then install the Syndicate ROM but I will have a complete HOWTO guide on that soon.

Here’s how to unroot your Samsung Epic 4G:
(You will need Windows for this, if you don’t, I suggest running VMware or borrowing your mom’s/friend’s computer.)

*IMPORTANT: Make sure to make a backup of all your important files/apps and whatnot before unrooting!

1. Download the unrooting file:

2. Install the exe file and you will get SW Upgrade for SPH icon on your desktop.

3. Make sure you have Samsung Epic 4G drivers installed.

4. Run the SW Upgrade for SPH program and follow the directions.

It will ask you “TWICE” to put it in download mode and take the batteries out, you do this by pressing down power button while holding down the Volume Down and Camera button.

The first time, it downloads some kind of special drivers and second time it will download the stock ROM and auto-install it for you.

Once you run this, your Epic 4G phone will be back to EB14 stock ROM.  You can upgrade to the latest stock ROM by going to Settings->About Phone->Update Android.

After that, you can re-root it using our latest rooting method, then install Syndicate ROM.


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24 Responses to How to Unroot Samsung Epic 4G!

  1. Brandon says:

    it will not let me unroot my phone. I get to the part where taking the battery out and pressing 1 at the same time as the power button and the Downloading Do Not turn off TARGET!! comes up. I click next and it says plug in the USB and this is where it won’t go any further. It says Detect Port on the left and Disconnected on the right. HELP WHAT DO I DO?

    • Samsung Epic Hacks says:

      Install Drivers first!

      • Forrest says:

        I get stuck when i hook up the phone to the PC. When I hook up my phone to my pc normally it recognizes the phone and works fine. But when I’m in the “Downloading… Do Not Turn Off target!!!” when i plug in the phone it says my pc doesn’t recognize the phone, and the screen on the SW Upgrade won’t let me click on the next button. It just sits there.
        I have the Samsung drivers installed and have tried to “repair” the drivers when I tried to install them a second time.. What am I doing wrong?? Please Help!?

  2. Orlando Garcia says:

    Thank you very much very easy to do!

  3. zac says:

    my phone died while unrooting and when i plugged it in to the wall charger and it wont charge , what can i do

  4. Shadow says:

    The program screen is not larger enough and I can not even hit the next button :-/

  5. briggs says:

    my epic 4g won’t boot or let me in recovery it’s stuck on samsung screen what to do?

  6. Dreamgirl2012 says:

    thanks so much, i could not find a way to unroot my phone, there is no easier and self explanatory site than you got. You are very thorough and understanding, if it wasn’t for you i would be so screwed. Thanks so much!
    I tried putting the clockwork and it updated everything not knowing that it’s only used for putting certain roms on the phone, so i was stuck on this black Samsung screen. I felt like it was bricked, so i was so scared.
    I recently had an Evo 4g, i just got my epic recently as well, and i have to tel you, i have never had a problem rooting and putting roms on my Evo, but this epic is a little more trickier as well as a little more complicated!
    Thanks for you help, very appreciated!

  7. jamie says:

    I was in the process of unrooting. I did all the steps. it started and then at 61% it stopped and my phone screen turned red.

  8. tgq12 says:

    I’ve tried 20 times to get my phone into download mode, I’m doing exactly how you’re doing on the video, it doesn’t work, any suggestions?

  9. MM says:

    The unroot file on stops downloading at 16%. I tried several times. Anybody else have a problem with this? Contacted the company but have yet to get a response, and my phone needs to be returned to Sprint asap.

  10. MM says:

    So I got to the end user license agreement but once I accept the terms I cannot see the button to click next. I tried expanding the window but it won’t let be make it bigger. Any way to do that? Thanks.

  11. Renardo Baker says:

    What to do if restore stops at recovery.bin

  12. Kevin C says:

    Got to the software download part but is stuck at PARAM and 0% elapsed time 7 seconds.
    Try to turn on phone but now has a picture of a hazard sign, phone, and computer.
    Anyone else experience the same thing?

    • Kevin C says:

      Not sure if this had anything to do with it, but at first I had it in a USB 3.0 port and then switched ports and it re installed the drivers and worked now. Whew.

  13. Yvette says:

    I can’t get past the user agreement either. The page won’t enlarge. I deleted the unroot program and redled it and still having the same problem. I click accept and it will only let me hit exit. HELP please.

  14. Yvette says:

    Hey you know what would be great? If the guy would actually address the issue that I posted last night since others have had the same issue and it looks like it’s never been addressed.

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