How to Root Your Samsung Epic 4G [NEW]!

This is an updated video on how to root your Samsung Epic 4G, this is also part of series on how to install the Syndicate ROM.

This one is for rooting the latest Epic 4G Stock ROM, the EC05:

You can see here for complete write-up on how to root your Epic 4G.

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9 Responses to How to Root Your Samsung Epic 4G [NEW]!

  1. jim says:

    Anybody have the problem where the after rooting you still have recovery 2.5 (green color)?

    • Manny says:

      Yes, my screen is still green and my file system did not convert when I went to recovery mode. Any suggestions

  2. jim says:

    Still waiting with you. He shows CWM 3,0,2,6 in his video…. I can’t find that for down load anywhere on .5 I trolling xda forum right now for hints they have a full Samsung Epic section… let me know if you find something!

  3. oh_jes says:

    would this be the same process if im using a mac?

  4. dorian says:

    Is this for first time rooting

  5. deveyn says:

    After the first time I press any key to continue it says rageagianstthecage-arm5.bin is missing make sure you excstracted the zip archive correctly

  6. Blade Graybeard says:

    So, I have spent 3/4 of my day off, fighting, cussing and threatening my Epic and PC to coexist peacefully long enough for me to do this…..I finally got it to run the bat file correctly, instead of saying device not found, and it starts fine, but then says as it’s “installing” that “FAILED TO COPY=and then the file-names of all the files that are supposed to be installed. Funny thing is, it will still do a re-boot upon pressing any key.

    Still not rooted. Still fighting, cussing and threatening….any suggestions?- Blade

  7. Mark says:

    I used the unrooting procedure so I could update to Gingerbread,it worked. However when I try to root my Epic 4g it says i am missing clockworkmod. How can i put it back on. It does the same thing in Froyo. I have tried several zip files using Oden and nothing works. HELP

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