How to Root Samsung Epic 4G!

Also see an updated video of rooting the Epic 4G:

For those of you who want to take advantage of everything that a Samsung Epic 4G offers, you will certainly want to root your phone.

What does rooting the Samsung Epic 4G mean?

It simply means that you, as a user of the Epic 4G, gain complete control and “full access” to the Android OS underlying the phone.

What can rooting do for me?

Since rooting your Samsung Epic 4G gives you full control over your phone’s software, you can do cool things like installing a free wifi tethering app so you can get free 3G/4G wifi tethering without having to pay for it.  (Yes, this is legal, recently Library of Congress has passed a law that the user of smartphones have full control over the software.)

There’s other neat program you will be able to install to such as apps that let you overclock your phone.

In other words, just think of it as “admin” access.

Why smartphones don’t come with it by default?  The short answer is to give carriers more control and also minimizes newbies messing up their phone by accident.  For the rest of us who want 100% out of our smartphones, rooting isn’t such a bad idea after all.

How to Root Your Samsung Epic 4G!

1. First, go to Settings->Applications->Development on your Samsung Epic 4G then make sure “USB Debugging” is set to On.
*Note – Make sure everything is unplugged such as your micro USB cable.

2. Second, plug your Samsung Epic 4G onto your computer via a micro USB cable and make sure that the USB is set to “PC Mode”.

3. Third, install Samsung Epic 4G drivers. – see here on how to install Epic 4G drivers.

4. Run the setup file and you can verify that your driver is working by going to Device Manager.

5. Next, download this file:

and unzip it to a folder easy to remember such as c:\samsunge.

6. Open up a command prompt (type “cmd” under search), browse to the directory you unzipped the files to by doing “cd \samsunge”.

7. Type “run.bat”.

8. That’s it!  You can double check that your phone has been rooted by doing:

adb shell

to enter the shell of your Samsung Epic 4G,

then type “su”.

If you get a “#” sign, that means your phone has been rooted!

All credits go to the original instruction here at XDA Developers! (Developers ROCK!)

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94 Responses to How to Root Samsung Epic 4G!

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  2. jayson says:

    hey! This is my first time ever trying anything like this. I followed your directions as well as i could and the problem i have is in the “cmd”. My computer says “‘adb’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file” please help me

    • zach says:

      dont type cmd in the command prompt, u type cmd in your search bar to actually find the command prompt.

      • Joe Brewer says:

        I have the same problem, he means when you open up the command prompt, next you will type in cd\samsunge (or whatever you saved the unzipped file as) then type in run.bat, when you type the last command in thats when we get the message he described above. the only thing I can see is that my computer is still installing driver called: CDC Abstract Control Module, its been installing it for about 20 minutes now.

    • daniel says:

      its says the same thing on mine but everything else is fine i just dont see why its not working when i type “run.bat” help!! im super close to finishing.

  3. Scott says:

    How would I do this on a mac? Thank you in advance ;)

    • strra says:

      throw away your mac and get a pc

      • cass says:

        Fantastic answer! but if you really need it to be done on a mac you can always install windows on it either through bootcamp or parallels. then you get brains and beauty in one system.

  4. Chris says:

    Before I start my device is seen. Then when I initiate run.bat, I get error device not found. So………..whats going on here?

  5. Roldophe Dormeus says:

    I like everything that i see and read about here; however, what if your Windows 7 laptop is a 64-bit? This is my case i would greatly appreciate it if anyone can give me the website where i can download the driver to connect that toy that i just purchased with my laptop. Thanks

  6. Roldophe Dormeus says:

    Please disregard my question because i neglected to check that you gave the link for both 32 and 64-bit. Sorry and i salute your hard and great work.

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  8. Gil says:

    I did the way the video and instructions, but I get a message “error: device offline” Am I missing something?

  9. d3v says:

    I have a question if I root my epic to only have the ability to use the tether application from this site. Will the phone continue to receive updates from sprint and still be able to receive froyo. I have no plans on loading any rom just want true tethering.

  10. RW says:

    OMG I tried to this and now my phone is black and won’t turn on please HELP! this is my only phone!

  11. Joe Mathews says:

    i followed step by step once i insert “run.bat” it says press any key to continue, i hit a key then it says “error: device not found” what am i doin wrong?

  12. John says:

    those drivers didn’t work, i use Windows Vista.. I opened Deveice Manager and what I saw was: “Android UMS… and S3C6410 Android ADB”.. do you know why?

  13. Chad warath says:

    When I have the usb debugging on my pc does not recognize the phone when usb debugging is off it does any suggestions thanks.

  14. Shonda says:

    Hey i have been trying to get this done for the past week and i keep running into problems. I was able to download the 64 bit driver and the other one but now it wont install correctly because its telling me that im missing cdc abstract control model (acm). And i have never downloaded sdk either. So i went and downloaded the platform of that but i dont know if im supposed to download anything eles from the sdk website and where do i go to get the cdc abstract control model… If you could help me out i would greatly appreciate it because i am really struggling with this…

  15. Dwayne says:

    Where can I go to get all the Galaxy S drivers I need? All the sites I go to advertise that they’re free but they are not. I can’t afford them right now and want to root my phone. Can you help me?


  16. evol jay says:

    im not able to mount my sd card, i tried everything, there is no sd drive on my PC, i downloaded the drivers and everything is install except the drive, any help?

  17. Jeremy says:

    this doesnt work have tried at least a 100 times the one time i thought it worked my phone went black

  18. Frank Harris says:

    i get the error msg: run.bat is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file

    I followed the instructions to the best of my ability…any suggestions

  19. Frank Harris says:

    also as i try to extract the files in step 5, a message says adb is password protected! is this a lost cause for me?

  20. Mario says:

    the CDC abstract control model is not installing, It seams to be stuck. I tried to root my epic anyways, but when I went to check if the device was active by typing adb devices in the command prompt, it said my device was offline. I can see the samsung android usb composite device under the USB controllers in the device manager.

  21. LeeBo says:

    I followed the directions… Got the latest drivers and used oneclick 2.4, ran run.bat and I received “error: device not found” what can I do to get passed this and make this work?

  22. ssl says:

    I have the same comment as others here:
    “When I have the usb debugging on my pc does not recognize the phone when usb debugging is off it does any suggestions thanks”.

    I have one of latest updates from Sprint, I guess they block this now??

  23. joe says:

    great video, been trying to root my phone for weeks and this was the best offer yet… BUT still can’t seem to get it done. Everything goes smoothly untile after ‘run.bat’. enter the command, then push any button to continue….. then nothing. Device recocnized, drivers installed but no love. any suggestions zedo?

  24. lor says:

    wow, this is much more difficult than anticipated. The rooting is easy, but trying to combine sdk, with eclipse, and adp is overwhelming me. i have tried to piece together 10 sites with no avail. first off, is eclipse and the tools necessary in order to root and tether, if so what the heck are we suppose to type in once we get to the variable value. Everyone is so vague and says to type in the tools path…grrr, what tools path. anyway, what your doing is great, thanks

  25. jazzmanzo says:

    how do i do this with a mac book pro?

  26. antonio says:

    it work out great for me thamk you so much you the fucking best

  27. ChiefBD says:

    Awesome, thanks for the help. It works like a charm and I now have a working wifi tether :) .

  28. Ron Harding says:

    It worked like a charm the very first time around. Now my Samsung Epic has been “rooted,” and now I have to find out what to do next to make that beneficial. I suppose learning to “tether” it will be my next move. :-) Thanks to all concerned.

  29. Warren Simpson says:

    A quick question, does rooting the phone and using it to tether void the original warranty?

  30. galaxyd700 says:

    i have been trying to root my samsung galaxy s 4g by sprint …so far i have downloaded the one click root and the 64bit driver for samsung .i went in and set the debugging , unzipped the one click root and 64 bit driver files. i then plugged my phone into the USB port onto the computer .ohh i also changed the one click root file to samsung..i ran the cmd, like shown in the video and when i ran the “adb devices” it said phone not connected..and just for the sake of it i ran the” run.bat” and it is obvously not rooted….so what do i do? and remember it says phone not connected even though it is plugged in to the USB

  31. David Santoy says:

    hello , i have followed every step and when i get to the command center, i put c / then c samsung and i get a error saying “the system cannot find the path specified”..any clue on what i should do?

  32. nery says:

    can you help me !
    i followed step by step but run.bat return
    [*] adb connection will be reset. restart adb server on desktop and re-login.
    make it RW and move files
    mount: Operation not permitted
    failed to copy ‘’ to ‘/system/bin/’: Read-only f
    ile system
    failed to copy ‘jk-su’ to ‘/system/bin/jk-su’: Read-only file system
    failed to copy ‘playlogo-orig’ to ‘/system/bin/playlogo-orig’: Read-only file sy
    failed to copy ‘playlogo’ to ‘/system/bin/playlogo’: Read-only file system
    failed to copy ‘busybox’ to ‘/system/bin/busybox’: Read-only file system
    failed to copy ‘resolv.conf’ to ‘/system/bin/resolv.conf’: Read-only file system

    failed to copy ‘remount’ to ‘/system/bin/remount’: Read-only file system
    set permission
    Unable to chmod /system/bin/ No such file or directory
    Unable to chmod /system/bin/playlogo: Read-only file system
    Unable to chmod /system/bin/busybox: No such file or directory
    Unable to chmod /system/bin/remount: No such file or directory
    Unable to chmod /system/bin/playlogo-orig: No such file or directory
    push any key to reboot the phone
    Presione una tecla para continuar . . .

    my firmware is 2.2.1 (Froyo.DK28)
    some idea?

  33. vinny says:

    I am having a problem with installing the driver and how do I unzip the one click think??? ;I need help I want to do this properly. Please help.