How to Overclock your Epic 4G to 1.3Ghz!

For those of you who want to get the most out of Epic 4G, I highly recommend you to first get the Syndicate ROM.

The Syndicate ROM comes with a kernel that supports 1.3Ghz overclocking but that doesn’t mean it runs 1.3Ghz off the bat, you need to install an app called SetCPU.

You can buy this on the market or download it here at XDA Developers.

You can download the latest version.

After you download it, unzip the file and copy over the file ending in .apk to the SD card of your Epic 4G.

Use your favorite file manager on your Epic 4G to find the .apk file you just copied over, press on it, install it, and allow in SuperUser app if it asks you.

Here’s a short video tutorial on what I just said:

You will need a ROM that supports overclocking such as the Syndicate ROM, if you do just install SetCPU and enjoy your new speeds.

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