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Syndicate ROM for Epic 4G Review!

Here’s a quick and dirty review of the Syndicate ROM for the Epic 4G. It’s a really the best ROM you can get for your Epic 4G right now that’s based on Samsung’s EC05 stock ROM, which has a bunch of upgrades.

If you don’t like Samsung/Sprint bloatware and your battery dies fast on your stock ROM, you might want to check out this ROM as it’s super-fast, no-lag whatsoever, runs on EXT4 filesystem (meaning less lag), and everything including 4G, camera, and wifi works out of the box.

To install, follow

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How to Overclock your Epic 4G to 1.3Ghz!


For those of you who want to get the most out of Epic 4G, I highly recommend you to first get the Syndicate ROM.

The Syndicate ROM comes with a kernel that supports 1.3Ghz overclocking but that doesn’t mean it runs 1.3Ghz off the bat, you need to install an app called SetCPU.

You can buy this on the market or download it here at XDA Developers.

You can download t

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How to Restore/Backup ROMs!

Here’s how to restore/backup ROMs using Clockwork Recovery on your Samsung Epic 4G:

Basically, all you need to do is get into Clockwork Recovery and backup/restore your ROMs.

To get into the Clockwork Recovery, you will need a rooted Epic 4G then power off your phone. While holding down the Volume down and Camera button, press the Power button.

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How to Install Syndicate ROM on your Epic 4G!


For those of you who are tired of the Samsung Epic 4G stock ROM or you hate the Samsung/Sprint bloatware, you probably want to upgrade your phone to the Syndicate ROM. This ROM is highly recommended as you get rid all that bloatware and save a ton more battery life.

It’s a bit complicated so I urge you to follow directions carefully.

Here’s how to install the Syndicate ROM on your Epic 4G:

First, you will need to copy over the following Syndicate ROM file to the SD card of your Epic 4G (or

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How to Root Your Samsung Epic 4G [NEW]!

This is an updated video on how to root your Samsung Epic 4G, this is also part of series on how to install the Syndicate ROM.

This one is for rooting the latest Epic 4G Stock ROM, the EC05:

You can see here for complete write-up on how to root your Epic 4G.

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How to Upgrade to EC05 Stock ROM!


Here’s how to upgrade to the latest EC05 stock ROM. You might need this for installing the latest Syndicate ROM.

Just go to Settings->About Phone->System Update->Update Android and update to the latest stock ROM. If you are already updated, you should be fine on an EC05 already.

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How to Unroot Samsung Epic 4G!


For those of you who might be returning your Epic 4G back to Sprint for warranty (perhaps you broke the screen) or maybe you’ve bricked your phone while trying to load a new ROM (which happened to me couple times), you can easily unroot your Samsung Epic 4G to completely stock state by using Samsung’s own tool for unrooting. ┬áThis will install Samsung Epic 4G’s stock EB14 Froyo 2.1 ROM.

Once you’ve installed this ROM, you can easily upgrade to the latest, stock ROM (EC05 as of today) by going to Settings->About Phone->Update Android.

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How to Install Samsung Epic 4G Drivers!


For those of you who want to know how to install the Samsung Epic 4G drivers, here’s how to install them on a Windows XP/Vista/7 32-bit and 64-bit:

Download drivers from here:

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How to Get Free Wifi Tether on Your Samsung Epic 4G!

For those of you who want to enjoy free 3G/4G wifi tethering on your new Samsung Epic 4G Android smartphone, simply root your Epic 4G, then follow the directions on the video above.

Basically, all you have to do is to download the free Android Wifi tether app, install it, and start using it!

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How to Root Samsung Epic 4G!


Also see an updated video of rooting the Epic 4G:

For those of you who want to take advantage of everything that a Samsung Epic 4G offers, you will certainly want to root your phone.

What does rooting the Samsung Epic 4G mean?

It simply means that you, as a user of the

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